A little hello from the Trove Girls!

A little hello from the Trove Girls!

Well...it's taken us a little while to jump on the blog bandwagon (we've been too busy on the clip bandwagon!) but we're here! And we thought we'd use our first blog post to introduce ourselves...and tell our story! Despite Lydia being WAY more qualified to write things down, she's a qualified journalist after all, I (Mizpah) am going to tell you this one! 

We're second cousins and only came into each other's lives two years ago, but have literally been inseparable ever since.

We've done lots together in those two years...a wedding (Lydia's), a baby (my second bubba!) and of course launching our brand, Trove! 

One of our first photoshoots with our littlest #trovegirl Polly


It wasn't always Trove though, we started Scarfy Official in February 2018 after Lydia came over to my place for a cup of tea (we do that a lot!). Lydia wanted to start an online store and sell hair scarves (they were apparently about to HIT in early 2018…and she was right, as she usually is with her fashion predictions).

Literally two days later, we had prototypes made, had created a website and were ready to go! And the rest is history…Scarfy Official was born! But as our love of all things accessories grew...we knew our baby had to grow too. So Scarfy became Trove, her sophisticated, big sister. And we really haven't looked back!

We have now ventured into jewellery and expanded our hair accessory range to include headbands, hair clips, hair pins and more! 

Sometimes we really can't believe that what we are doing is work...it's any girl's dream right? As I recently said in a speech at Lydia's wedding, I pinch myself when I think that we get to do this together every day!

We love creating a collection of treasure for all of our amazing customers to enjoy... and we have some seriously exciting things coming before the end of the year!

So, happy Friday from us and here's cheers to you, #trovegirls! Thank you for all of the love and support! 

 The OG #trovegirls



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