Right now, with everything going on, I am feeling:
BEC: If you'd asked me this the week we closed our doors I'd say anxious, overwhelmed and a total mess. But to be honest now that we have settled into this new way of working I have to say I am enjoying the slower pace of life. There hasn't been much downtime at Peaches in the last couple of years so to be forced into a reduced schedule and no social commitments has really brought me a sense of calm. The unknown of what's ahead can be nerve racking and scary - but it's out of our control so I'm taking each day as it comes as well as each challenge.
TORI: A little overwhelmed. After breaking my back over the past six years building Peaches, and sacrificing so much, we're really getting somewhere - franchising, sold out events, a beautifully engaged following and more - the thought of losing that makes me feel a bit sick. But what I am doing is remaining positive, and keeping up my strong work ethic by being innovative and looking at new ways we can continue to look after our clients.
Here’s three things I feel grateful for:
BEC: My family including Hux (my dog)
My business partners Tori and Chris - it sounds corny but I seriously won the lottery to not only be in business with the hardest working people I know, but they are my best friends and family. We are constantly looking out for each other, checking in with each other and we also have a bloody good time together. 
That the beach is at the bottom of my street - every single time I walk to the beach (everyday) I consciously tell myself that I am the luckiest girl in the world.
TORI: My husband, Chris - every single moment of every day. He is my bestest friend and rock and we have so fun and he doesn't mind (really) when I'm being a complete weirdo.
My business partner, Bec. We ground each other and support each other through every work - or life - twist and turn.
The Peaches team - it blows my mind how we've managed to attract the most kind, hard-working and genuinely beautiful people into our business. The health of my family and friends.
The best thing that happened to me this week is: 
BEC: I GOT AIRPODS!!! Headphones without cords are life changing!!

TORI: The wave of support from our Peaches Community! 
Sadly, we had to close our studio doors a few weeks back. We scrambled to create daily live workout options for them to do at home, along with the use of our existing online program. It was a race to ensure we had something suitable for our regular clients, as active members mean we can keep Peaches going, and open our doors with loving, welcome arms when this all blows over. The emails, texts, and phone calls I have received from our members since we closed our physical spaces have moved me to tears. We managed to hold on to most of our members - They have our back! Luckily our client base has become obsessed with the Live classes we offer 5 x daily - honestly the classes are keeping us all sane and giving  It's so heartwarming seeing all their smiling faces on the screen - and even more satisfying seeing their sweaty, evil eye'd expressions hit me after the workout - haha! Peaches exists purely to improve the lives of others, and I have decided to own that karma, and accept the kindness our community is showing us now, knowing that we continue to support them, through their life journey.

I highly recommend a Netflix/Stan/Apple TV binge on: 
BEC: Ray Donovan
TORI: Ok so bingable: GIRLS, 30 Rock, Big Mouth, Unbelievable, Dead To Me, Transparent, The L Word, The Office, Dexter, Handmaids Tale, Billions, Scrubs...
I’m loving listening to:
BEC: Podcast: Oprah Super Souls, Music: Ziggy Alberts and The Teskey Brothers
TORI: Offline by Alison Rice, High Tide and Salty Vibes by Sophie Ferguson and any old school hip hop.

I’ve got these books on my ‘to-read’ list: 
BEC: The Monk who sold his Ferrari, If You Tell and Becoming Michelle Obama
TORI: Books I recommend are: All The Light We Cannot See, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and The Girl In Times Square (for a lighter, easy to read page turner).

My favourite bunker down snack is: 
BEC: Hummus and crackers
TORI: PASTA. ALWAYS PASTA. Bunkering or celebrating, dinner parties or solo. It is the GOD OF FOODS. Here's a link to my insanely easy slow cooked lamb ragu - try it!

The best board game is:
BEC: It's not a board game butI love Jenga - and I've written questions on each block so when you take a block you ask the other person a juicy question. 
TORI: Monopoly - although my competitive tendencies usually ruin any family bonding experience over this game. Another game I highly recommend that you can download on your phone is Taboo or Unspoken - it's a fabulous drinking game, so much fun!
This Instagram page is giving me muchos LOLs:
BEC: @thefatjewish
TORI: @pilates4hottiez

When I’m feeling overwhelmed I: 
BEC: Usually I jump in the ocean but we can't do that. So now I put some feel good music on, pour myself a bevvy and sit on the balcony with Brett and Hux (my dog) and count my blessings.
TORI: Take a breath, focus on what I CAN DO. I'm a bit of a workaholic, so I usually assign myself to a new project and dive in head first. I am a doer, and feel best when I have achieved something. I love writing and communicating with our Peaches Audience. I just want to make people feel loved and connected :)

The bestthing I’ve seen about the situation so far is:
BEC: All the TikTok challenges that are quarantine related.
TORI: The eco improvements we've seen! The water in Venice, Italy. The birds chirping in Wuhan. The lower levels of air pollution around the world. Mother Nature might be putting her foot down here.... it's working!
In tricky times, I feel calm when I:
BEC: Speak to my mum and she reassures me that everything will be ok - she has a way of making me feel that everything will be ok, even if I think the whole world will fall apart.
TORI: Talk about how I am feeling with my husband. He is so calm, rational and intelligent. He explains things to me with stats, scientific stats and hugs. If all else fails we have a cuddle and a wine and laugh at our puppy dog, Harry.

Any final words of wisdom?:
BEC: It's OK not to be OK - we're told way too often that there is always someone worse off, which is very true, but sometimes we do have those bad days. We can't be happy and grateful every second of everyday - we're human and it's just not a realistic way to live. . That being said remember that there is always light at then end of the tunnel, sometimes you might not be able to see it but if you keep on going you'll find it - it's not a race.
TORI: Be kind. But also - be useful. My mother set the best example for me growing up. There wasn't a week that went by where she wasn't cooking lasagna for a sick friend, minding the kids of another, driving someone somewhere because they'd had an operation, or visiting someone's disabled or unwell relative on their behalf - bringing food, and loving touch like massage. What we need to do, in difficult times, is think of others. If you are safe, have food, have the means to support yourself and pay your bills - then perhaps look outwards, and see what you can offer to those you love. If everyone finds the part of themselves that is patient, generous, and willing to give their time or service to others, we can really get through anything. So, check on your neighbours, your mates, the people you know who own small businesses - they might just need your helping hand.

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