Silk. What's the big deal? We asked an expert

Silk. What's the big deal? We asked an expert

 Sought after hair stylist Nikki Gunn is the director and girl boss of Brisbane's renowned salon,
Tribe Hair.

Nikki Gunn from Tribe Hair

Having spent two decades in the industry (yes, she started young!), we put some questions to Nikki about silk and whether it really is better for our locks (or just a total marketing ploy). 

It's safe to say we learnt a thing or two...

Tell us, those average, supermarket hair elastics… They can’t be that bad for our hair, can they?

Small tight hair elastics cause extra tension on the hair, particularly if used regularly in the same position on already fine or fragile hair.

I often meet women who wish to have a one length haircut however have a breakage line on the top layer of their hair from using fine elastics tightly on a regular basis.

So, is silk really a better option for our locks?

Silk is much smoother, so it doesn’t pull or get stuck in the hair and doesn’t cause any static.

You are also less likely to get such a strong indentation mark (kink) in your hair, and that means less straightening to smooth it out after. The less heat on the hair the better.


Is it OK to sleep with a silk scrunchie in?

Yes! It is best to sleep with your hair loosely tied up or in a braid if you are a wiggly sleeper.

This means less bedhead in the morning and less heat styling to refresh your look in the morning.

Pair a loose braid, secured with a silk scrunchie with a silk pillowcase for the best morning after hair!
    What is best for our hair when exercising?
    This is a silk scrunchie's time to shine!

    What about tying hair up when it’s wet? Is it OK to do this with a silk scrunchie?

    Ideally, it’s better to let your hair dry, or at least semi dry, before tying it up.
    This is because hair is stretchy when it is wet and you are more likely to over stretch and damage it by pulling it back tightly when it’s wet.

    After a shower, give your hair a quick blast dry with the hairdryer, then pop your silk scrunchie in.
      Any other pro tips you can share with us?

      Use your silk scrunchie to create a base for a good bun!

      Use bobby pins to secure hair over the top of scrunchie to achieve that effortless, undone bun look. 

      There are lots of silk scrunchies on the market, but what makes a GOOD ONE?!

      One that is high quality and actually holds the hair!

      There are plenty on the market that still contain very small tight elastic inside a thin scrunchie material - these are not much better for your hair than a thin elastics.

      You’ll notice the elastic in the Trove scrunchies is nice and thick – they get my tick of approval! 

      (Photo of Nikki Gunn by @thebushcollective)

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