Thanks for popping on here to check us out!

We both have this weird habit where we really love to know who we are buying from and the people behind the brand... so if you are like us, here's our story.

First of all, let us introduce ourselves. We are Lydia and Mizpah and together, we created TROVE.

Mizpah is a registered nurse and full-time mum to the most precious little possums (Polly and Monty), awhile Lydia is a jouranlist by trade and professional Aunty to Mizpah's kids.

As well as being best mates and biz partners, we are actually are also family.

Well, third cousins, but that counts, right?

After months of resisting pressure from our parents to meet back in 2017, we had a good ol' stalk of one another on the 'Gram and decided maybe we were each other's sort of people... and as it turns out, we are (Mum's always know best, don't they?).

Fast forward a few weeks and over a cuppa, we discovered we were both a little bit creative and had always dreamt of starting something of our own.

Oh, and we both have a bit of a thing for accessorising.

In early 2018, TROVE (originally named SCARFY OFFICIAL) was born.

Initially riding the wave of the 'hair clip boom' in 2019-19, our e-commerce business has quickly evolved into a one stop shop for accessories.

Our aim at TROVE is to provide women with feel-good pieces - whether it be a pair of statement earrings that pack or punch, or a necklace that takes a simple out from a soft 4 to hard 9.5, we really want women to feel great about themselves when they wear our product..

We highly value accessibility, function, quality and ethically manufacture/source pieces from all over the world, including Australia, France and PRC.

And if you're still not convinced, to date, our treasures have been worn by some of the country's top fashionistas including: Jesinta Franklin, Georgia Love, Erin Holland, Tegan Martin, Nat Decorte, Amy Sheppard, to name a few.